lilliputFour year old’s are enthusiastic bundles of energy. They are more independent, show more responsibility and control of their feelings.  They are able to feed, dress themselves and care for their own belongings. Four’s are developing problem solving abilities and have an endless curiosity about the world around them.  They pose countless questions, love silly talk and have lively imaginations. They are outgoing and friendly and willingly test the limits set by their caregiver.

Our goal for Lilliput children is to advance their skills in the core academic areas to ensure school readiness. Using the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework (English) as our guide and building on the children’s prior knowledge and interests, we focus on the following areas:

  • Language concepts focus on identifying alphabet letters and their sound, printing their name, exploring print materials such as instructions, recipes, menus and classroom signs.
  • Math is presented through hands on activities such as block building, making patterns, comparing and contrasting items, introducing the concept of time as in hours, minutes and solving simple math problems.
  • Science is all about discovery and children engage in learning about the natural world of trees, plants, and animals through nature walks.  They learn about sink and float, participate in cooking activities and study the magic of magnets to name a few of the fun activities.
  • Children can select from a variety of activities including an arts and craft centre, puzzles and manipulatives, dramatic play and a large, cozy story corner. Children’s interests are determined and expanded on by presenting new ideas and activities.

Staff are happy to tell you about your child’s day and details of class activities are posted daily on the white board outside the classroom.  Photos and stories, which document learning are stored in your child’s portfolio and are easily accessible to both you and your child.  We encourage parents to share any information about their child that might be helpful.

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