Junior Toddler

toddlerFrom the moment your Junior Toddler arrives for his/her visit he will be greeted by a qualified nurturing caregiver whose primary role is to provide the one-on-one attention that is so essential to this age group. Junior Toddlers learns about the world through their senses and they are constantly exploring and discovering new things.

Our Junior Toddler room is bright and cheerful with lots of sights, sounds, textures and areas to explore.  There are mirrors, soft play equipment, pretend play materials, musical instruments and lots of great books to challenge your child. Our playground is a safe outdoor space where your child can actively explore and practice his/her motor skills.  Caregivers are always there with open arms and warm hugs to provide love and security, which develops trust, fosters self- confidence and promotes independence.

A child feels most comfortable when he/she knows in advance what is happening and when.   Established routines provide consistency and allow a smooth flow of daily activities.  Following morning activities, children sit together as a group for lunch ,say grace and enjoy a relaxing meal with their friends and caregiver.   Lunch is followed by clean-up, bathroom routine and naptime.   Diapers are changed and caregivers supervise and assist your child with brushing his/her teeth and washing up.  Finally, children find their cots which are prepared with a favourite blanket, pillow and cuddle toy.  Soft relaxing music is played and children are comforted as they drift off to sleep.

Staff are happy to tell you about your child’s day and a report is completed daily identifying significant events.  Photos and stories, which document learning are stored in your child’s portfolio and are easily accessible to both you and your child.

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Monday – Friday: 6:30 AM – 5:30PM

Extended hours are available upon request and children may attend on a full or part-time basis.


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